Text 22 Sep 2 notes The time has come, I think.

I am Matt Smith today. I think so anyway. I can feel the regenerating beginning. In case any of you are wondering, I’m glowing right now.

Text 8 Sep

God. I wish I was Matt Smith. Especially today. Ugh.

Text 6 Sep 2 notes

Ack. It is terrible to say, but alas, my soul has nay merged with Matt Smith’s. I am empty. I am need of a trip in the TARDIS. Anyone willing to go?

Text 2 Sep

Sadly, I am not Matt Smith yet. BUT. I am also NOT a Dalek. This is the good news. Until tomorrow, my lovelies.

Text 31 Aug I. Am. Still. Not. Matt. Smith. *Dead*

Heh. Heh. But tomorrow. Tomorrow, perhaps Matt Smith will inspire me to become Matt Smith. Maybe?

Text 30 Aug 9 notes I am still not Matt Smith. D:

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